In The Future Everything Will Be Perfect

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Title: In The Future Everything Will Be Perfect
Date Created: 2021
Medium: ,


In the Future Everything Will Be Perfect is a large-scale installation up for the entire summer at 25 Kent Avenue in Brooklyn, NY. It aims to share hope for the post-COVID future through motion-activated, digital psychedelic crystal balls and kaleidoscopic colors. The interactive artwork features a series of rotating abstract crystal spheres in seas of kaleidoscopic color, showcased across eight 65-inch motion-activated screens.

As visitors approach the screens, the previously empty crystal balls fill with hopeful animated imagery, an ode to better times ahead. Passerby motion triggers the appearance of various objects and animations, including tropical palm trees waving in the wind, astronauts floating amid fireworks in space, confetti cannons firing off, glitzy diamonds raining down from the sky and more.

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