Destination Unknown

Basic Information

Title: Destination Unknown
Date Created: 2021
Medium: , , , , , , ,


Anne Spalter brings her signature surrealist style to this show about inner and outer exploration through pastel drawings, digital videos, custom wall murals, and giant inflatables. 

Using artificial intelligence to generate unusual compositions for all the works, Spalter pushes her digital medium to explore the reaches of space–with strange airplane forms, musical time-travel videos (created with musician The Josh Craig), and UFO-like inflatables–as well as earth’s oceans, with stranded morphing cruise ships. 

In Destination Unknown, Spalter continues her work with a collection of personal symbols that are also representative of our collective unconscious. These have long included modes of transportation, such as ships and planes, and bodies of water. The works usually reference specific times of day, using the lighting and colors of sunset, sunrise, or twilight. They often have simultaneous physical and spiritual references–acting as both objective landscape elements and tools for inner exploration.


Destination Unknown is on view in both The Gallery and The Space at Saint Kate. April 14- August 8, 2021. 



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