Mon Dec 19 3:18pm


If your rabbit has a narrative (Narrative Trait = Yes), check out instructions here:


Dropping MONDAY December 19 at Noon EDT (NYC time)

Wallets holding AI Spaceships automatically on allow list, 15 minute pre-mint. Snapshot was Friday Dec 16 so if you bought one after DM me on twitter to see if I can add you.

Link to Mint: https://rabbit-takeover.xyz/

Mint price 0.1 ETH each

Link to Collection on Opensea: https://opensea.io/collection/rabbit-takeover-by-anne-spalter

Link to order a unique 10″ square archival print of your NFT for .4 ETH: https://forms.gle/QWtpwaJvM8zgxnRLA

A lone rabbit is seen cavorting about in a post-armageddon world. Although it’s not clear exactly what transpired, scenes of abandoned factories hint at an industrially triggered climate disaster. Traveling through swirling trans-dimensional portals, the rabbit presides over scenes of mayhem and destruction. Evidence of the rabbit’s role throughout history emerges in ancient documents, from Eastern block printing to Mughal Empire paintings to Medieval parchments, and mythic dot paintings. The rabbit has always been with us.

RABBIT TAKEOVER  is based on my irascible, aggressive, much-loved pet rescue rabbit Pickles, who sadly passed away as this was being developed.

The collection is comprised of 557 images, 131 of which have narratives included in their metadata. 557 is a well known angel number and was chosen to honor Pickles’ passing.

The images and text were created with the assistance of artificial intelligence, namely Dall-e2, Stable Diffusion, and GPT3 (through GPT chatbot and Sudowrite). Additional work was done by hand with image and text editors..