Plague Planet

Room #1113

SpringBreak Art Show 2021: HEARSAY:HERESY

Curated by Margot McIlwain Nishimura | Artwork by Anne Spalter

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In the near future climate change has rendered our planet plague-ridden and uninhabitable. As the wealthy did in Medieval times, the uber-rich of this catastrophic future activate their escape plans. Some move to floating cities on endlessly drifting yachts and others board spacecraft heading to find new worlds beyond our own. 

Just as the courts of the Middle Ages would bring their tapestries with them to each seasonal castle, so the escapees from our Plague Planet will be able to fold up the art that tells the story of these times for future generations. The final products display status and wealth, preserve historical narrative, and express the hope of new beginnings.

Jacquard weaving and AI reference the pros and cons of technology, from the first punch-card programmable machines to recently developed cutting-edge algorithms.