Orbital Jump

Basic Information

Title: Orbital Jump
Date Created: 2020
Digital Dimensions: 1080 x 1920 px.
Medium: , ,
Duration: 00:03:42


The project is a new series of AI-based abstract audio-visual landscapes. The visual components are created by combining images generated using an artificial intelligence algorithm* that was fed squares of hand-selected colors–sometimes flat, at times gradients, at other times patterns, all in different combinations. These become the starting frames and color sequences of the videos, which are then further processed with off the shelf and custom software. The work continues my use of AI as a partner in the creative process, influenced by Carl Jung and working in the spirit of the Surrealists, but in this case the dreamer is a machine.

Because colors are emotions and music is emotion, I have partnered with a musician, Josh Craig.

He created the audio using analog monophonic and polyphonic synthesis recorded using live stereo techniques while applying an audio-visual hack from Sonocromatic still images of the colors in the video files to create monophonic audio sequences. To extract the sound of the colors that were programmed in the video, he used his cellphone camera to replicate the mechanics of cyborg Neil Harbisson’s antenna, then processed the audio through a sampler and performed the melodies using the key of the colors.

After receiving the audio, I further process the video using software that links parts of audio spectrum to parameters of the visual composition.

So what you are watching you are hearing–and what you hearing, you are watching.

Can also be viewed vertically.