Angled Light

Basic Information

Title: Angled Light
Date Created: 2019
Edition Info: 1/3 + AP
Duration: 00:05:44


Channeling Monet’s Waterlilies, this piece uses underwater footage of tropical fish and coral to create an abstracted light-filled underwater voyage.

In my art, I use geometry and abstraction to pursue spiritual expression. Based on representational footage of a tropical coral reef, I used abstraction to help guide the viewer to a feeling of wonder and contemplation.
If I were called in
To construct a religion
I should make use of water.

Going to church
Would entail a fording
To dry, different clothes;

My litany would employ
Images of sousing,
A furious devout drench,

And I should raise in the east
A glass of water
Where any-angled light
Would congregate endlessly.

— Philip Larkin