AI Spaceships Project Info

updated June 4, 2022


Minting for Spaceships will be at Only people on the Whitelist (one per wallet) will be able to mint from 12:00 to 12:15 EDT June 2 then it will be open to the public. Thanks to everyone for participating!


June 1 update:

Whitelist is closed. Drop is tomorrow! Noon EDT. 16:00 UTC

Drop link will be posted here and on my Twitter


The drop will be live June 2 at Noon EDT (NYC time), which is UTC-4.


You can register for a first-access whitelist at:

A link will be provided here at the drop time and on my @annespalter twitter account:


There are 501 unique pieces, each for 0.1 ETH


The Spaceship narrative is a continuation of work done over the last few years with AI and exhibited at SPRING/BREAK Art Show 2018, 2019, 2021. In these exhibits I dealt with issues of armageddon, climate change, and UFOs, using AI to create futuristic imagery brought to life in media ranging from oil paintings to inflatables to tapestries. 


Spaceship Narrative

In the distant future climate change has made Earth uninhabitable.

In desperation the remaining people on Earth build a series of spaceships and try to depart the planet. Some fail at launch and go down in flames. Others warp to the past and engage with steampunk battleships, or warp to the future to face highly evolved deadly plants.

Research on the plants reveals a way forward: using the powerful psychedelic powers of plant extracts, the ships open neon hyperspace tunnels and travel to a distant earth future. Some land in the frozen north, some land in the tropical equator, and some land in the desert.

Seeing the spiritual purity of the new settlers, angels arrive and raise the humans to a new level of psychic oneness.


The works are AI-based using text-to-image (created by literally typing in a phrase and getting back an image). The text-to-image process is fascinating both technically and artistically. The research that makes it possible was only published in 2014/16 so the tools are relatively new for artists.

I used the publicly available Night Cafe site to create these images. Additional processing was done in Adobe Photoshop and upscaled in Topaz Gigapixel AI. 

This drop is also the first series I have created with traits—attributes collectors can use to determine which items are most rare. This aspect of NFT collecting comes from the world of collectibles. Spaceships traits include Biome, Ship Type and Number, Color, and whether the NFT is Animated.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions at [email protected] or reach out on social media @annespalter on twitter and instagram