Adrift on Titan (Miami Marbles)

As PULSE Miami Beach’s first PROJECTS Special Commission, digital artist Anne Spalter created the interactive, mixed reality installation, Miami Marbles. Download the Miami Marbles app to experience and share kaleidoscopic videos and photographs virtual spheres. Download Miami Marbles in the app store. #PULSEMiamiMarbles

Miami Marbles (Full Installation)

The first PULSE PROJECTS Special Commission, Miami Marbles is a mixed augmented reality (AR) installation combining AR components, via a custom app, with nine physical spheres—ranging from seven to 16 feet in diameter— printed with digitally manipulated footage of Miami Beach Download MIAMI MARBLES APP in the app store Full Press Coverage on the Installation – […]

Color Windows

Sculpture Installation based off of Color Piano video composition at Kennard Park, Newton, MA.


Precession SPRING/BREAK Art Show ⌘COPY⌘PASTE Curated by Elizabeth Keithline, Precession is 3,000 square feet of “digital wallpaper” composed of algorithmically manipulated footage of New York City Visitors of SPRING/BREAK Art Show March 1-7, 2016, entered the fair through Precession, a site-specific lobby installation for which digital mixed media artist Anne Spalter shot and transformed high […]