New York Unfolding (229 West 43rd Street)

Basic Information

Title: New York Unfolding (229 West 43rd Street)
Date Created: 2015
Edition Info: 3 + AP
Medium: ,
Duration: 00:13:00


For Manhattan Unfolding 1, I shot original footage from a helicopter over the city. I was able to explore Manhattan’s iconic yet ever-changing landscape. Custom software enables me to interfere with normal viewing practices and control the audience’s gaze in new ways, merging east with west and representation with abstraction. The piece offers glimpses of a city constantly unfolding in time. Imagery in the work include landmarks such as the Freedom Tower, the reflecting pools where the Trade Centers used to be, the Empire State Building, my favorite NYC building, the Chrysler Building, and the dizzying techno-colors of Times Square. Repeating and reversing sections of footage are used to create a fugue-like visual landscape and reveal the rhythm of city life.


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