Wonder Why

Basic Information

Title: Wonder Why
Date Created: 2017
Edition Info: Edition of 3 + AP
Duration: 00:07:00


“Wonder Woman is psychological propaganda for the new type of woman who should, I believe, rule the world.”
— William Moulton Martson, Wonder Woman creator

Despite many advances, it is still only in the world of the future that women share equal rights with men. I have been working with airplane imagery for decades as a symbol of freedom and escape–and with Wonder Woman’s Invisible Plane, specifically, since 2008. In this work, viewers feel the rush of soaring through the space and time in an invisible plane. Original video from my travels through the canals of Venice, the skyscrapers of Dubai, the West Lake of Hangzhou, and Coney Island are linked through Google Earth tour animations. These plus NASA footage provide materials for a combination of earthly and imagined interplanetary environments.

I use custom software as well as off-the-shelf packages to develop the initial videos. A ray-traced glass plane reflects the videos uploaded as environment maps in a 3D world, creating a realistic effect of flying through the video “space.” In a final step, the glass plane and a wireframe counterpart are composited with the video works.

The ambient audio environment is composed of original recordings of traffic on the Queensboro bridge (between Brooklyn and Manhattan in New York City), Buddhist monks chanting (from Thailand), and wind chimes, as well as NASA rocket thruster clips and isolated tones. These reflect my long-term preoccupation with traffic and modern landscapes as well as this piece’s concern with air and space.


Additional Images of Wonder Why