Basic Information

Title: Welcome/Warning
Date Created: 2018
Edition Info: Unique
Unframed Dimensions: 158 x 72 x 72 in.
Medium: ,
Duration: 00:06:58


Comprising five large monitors mounted in varied orientations along the front and back side of a vertical aluminum truss, the piece will assume the representational form of a lighthouse. High resolution source footage the artist shot of bodies of water from geopolitically diverse points around the world will harmoniously meld with actual shore rocks into a compelling and multifaceted digital megalith. An intermittent focal point on the top monitor will serve as a simultaneous beacon of hope and an all-seeing, Foucauldian eye.

Welcome/Warning was part Threshold, an exhibition curated by Kurt McVey as part of On Canal.

On Canal is run an initiative to turn Canal Street in Manhattan into an arts district comprising of 22 spaces by Wallplay and curated by Vibes.


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