Digging In The Water

Basic Information

Title: Digging In The Water
Date Created: 2015
Edition Info: 3 + AP


Collaboration with artist Leslie Thornton.

2015. “Digging in the Water,” Thornton and Spalter’s first artistic collaboration, is a new digital work created specifically for this exhibit. The artists have produced a hauntingly beautiful piece from Thornton’s video footage of dredging at Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn. A swirling mandalic image moves over water, sludge, and the dredging machine as light reflects from cascading and swirling water. On one level, the video depicts an industrial landscape. But as the rhythms pull the viewer into a deeper space, both kinetically and metaphorically, water, colors, muck, and the machine become inseparable abstractions.
— Christine Holderness



Additional Images of Digging In The Water